Habitat for Humanity of Colorado is celebrating our silver anniversary in 2017—25 years of working in service of those communities dedicated to building strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.  As we celebrate 25 years of building a better future for Colorado, here are 25 facts to help you get to know us better.

Habitat firsts
1.  Habitat for Humanity of Colorado was founded in 1992 by 9 affiliates.  Many of the original founders are still engaged with Habitat’s work throughout the state.

2.  Habitat for Humanity of Colorado, in partnership with the Crowley County Correctional Facility, has operated the WeBuild Program since 1999. The mutually beneficial program allows inmates at the correctional facility to learn construction trades and fine woodworking while providing cabinets and roof trusses to Habitat for Humanity projects statewide at-cost.

3.  In 2007, 110 attendees from CO and WY participated in Habitat of Colorado’s first capacity building conference, Camp Colorado. In 2016 the conference brought together over 260 individuals from 49 communities across Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah, Montana and Nevada.

4.  Habitat for Humanity of Colorado ties with Habitat for Humanity of Michigan as the first state support organization in the nation.

5.  Advocacy efforts have helped pass important legislation including reforming Pay Day lending, SAFE Act exemption and Property Tax Exemption for land purchased for affordable housing.

Across Colorado
6.  Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver was the first affiliate in Colorado founded in 1979. The latest affiliate, Habitat for Humanity of Montezuma County (Cortez) was founded in 2008 by community volunteers.

7.  Today 25 affiliates are building safe, decent, affordable homes in 45 Colorado communities with hardworking, low income families.

8.  An estimated 344,000 renter households in Colorado pay more than 30% of their income for housing, and 183,000 households (467,000 people) pay 50% or more. Housing cost burden means less money for other essentials like food, clothing, and medical care. The unmet demand for housing in Colorado is so great that it would take more than 100 years to meet it at the current level of new home production.

9. Colorado affiliates manage 25 Habitat for Humanity ReStores, nonprofit home improvement stores and donation centers. The ReStores sell new and gently used furniture, appliances, home accessories, building materials and more to the public at a fraction of the retail price with the proceeds benefiting Habitat’s mission.

10.  Across the state affiliates build new single family homes as well as multi-family homes. In addition, we repair and rehab existing homes.

More than numbers…real impact
11.  Over 2,500 families in need of safe, affordable housing have been served across Colorado.

12.  Through the WeBuild program we have engaged nearly 3,000 prison inmates seeking dignity of a trade and the opportunity to contribute to communities they offended.

13.  We have harnessed the power of collaboration to bring more than $100 million in public and private funds to local projects.

14.  More than 400 staff and volunteers participated in HFH of Colorado’s training and networking events each year.

15.  HFH of Colorado processes almost 100 Colorado Division of Housing grant applications each year, passing through $1 million dollars to affiliates! This funding stream helps to build capacity.

All about partnership
16.  Clarence Jordan once said that what the poor need is capital, not charity.  HFHC believes the same to be true of nonprofits, and specifically Habitat for Humanity affiliates.  Through a myriad of partnerships with banks, government agencies, and community development financial institutions, HFHC works to create access to capital for affiliates to continue to grow their ministries by leveraging their assets, finding new investors in our work, and bridging various funding sources through lines of credit.

17.  HFH Colorado’s partnership with Habitat Paraguay began in 2011, when we sent a team of 40 people to help build affordable homes in partnership with local teachers. Since that time, we have invested nearly $51,000 in Habitat Paraguay’s work, helping them to address the severe shortage of housing in their country. This July 2017, HFHC is sponsoring another team to help build homes, deepen our relationship, and learn about HFH Paraguay’s ongoing work.

18.  The Colorado Roofing Association is the largest statewide gift-in-kind donor. Year to date they have donated 55 roofs valued at $385,000!

19.  After the September 2013 flooding in Northern Colorado, Habitat of Colorado and 7 Northern Colorado affiliates initiated Rebuild Colorado with a three-year vision of serving 200 additional families in the flooded region through a combination of new home construction, repair, and rehab.

20.  FHLB of Topeka is a long-standing partner. Historically, they have provided more than $5 million dollars for down payment assistance to Habitat homebuyers.

Just for Fun
21.  Twelve individuals from across the state provide the leadership for HFH of Colorado’s board of directors. They represent affiliates, banking partners, education, the legal field and additional statewide partners.

22.  HFHC staff collectively have over 75 years of experience working with Habitat for Humanity and affordable housing.

23.  Starting in November through Colorado Gives Day, HFHC staff and board members along with affiliate representatives wear their pajamas to work, the ReStore, board meetings, and the construction site to promote, “All Coloradoans deserve a safe, affordable place to lay their head at night.” #PJPledge

24.  We are big fans of the ReStores across the state and like to shop whenever visiting one. HFHC staff have supported local home building through our purchases of a washing machine, bike, books, tools, a lacrosse stick, monkey costume, tile, furniture for the home and office.

25.  To quote Millard Fuller, “For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people’s love and concern for each other.”