How long have you work for HFH?  
I have been with HFHGV for 8 years now!

What is your favorite Habitat memory?
Meeting former Board President, Don Wills, for lunch at Camp Colorado in 2009 or 2010, in the cafeteria at the YMCA in Estes Park.  As he sits down with his tray and says to me, “Ever heard the word LANDBANK?”. Don had just attended a resource development class and was all excited about finding a large piece of land for Habitat to develop when we returned home.  He went on to tell me that “Habitat doesn’t just build homes, but we build community!” Don had a vision of building a community of HFH homes to address the need for affordable housing in Gunnison County. Don died before we closed on 1.68 acres of vacant land.  At the land dedication his widow, Joy, addressed the crowd and said, “If there is a Wills there is a way!”  The land has been subdivided into 9 single and multi-family lots and named Wills Way Community in Don’s honor.

What is your affiliate currently working on?
HFHGV is currently looking to partner with multiple agencies to promote a design challenge to produce a sustainable, affordable home plan for our next Habitat project. 

What is your affiliate’s greatest need?
Our greatest challenge currently is board recruitment, and always raising enough funds to complete all the projects we would like to do.  Our goal is to complete one new home every other year.  And, during non-build years serving one low-income family through our “Random Acts of Kindness” weatherization upgrade program on their home.

What tool best describes you and why?
Definitely a Hammer!  My roller derby name is “Dorothy Hammer”.

When not working for Habitat we can find you…
When I am not working you can find me playing all the sport I love to do, living in the mountains, reading a book in my hammock or gardening.

Coffee or Tea?
I just gave up coffee two months ago, so don’t even think about taking my tea away! Acquired the taste for Maté while in South America on a Global Village trip. Tea that works like coffee, yea!

Favorite Book?
Favorite book and movie; “Pride and Prejudice”  hopeless romantic at heart!