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Sizing Overview

  • Cabinets are generally sold in 3” increments as standard sizes: 12″, 15″, 18″, etc.
  • Cabinets may be customized to any size in 1” increments: 12″, 13″, 14″, etc.


While ReStores may differ in their processes for selling custom cabinetry, the following guidelines generally apply. Please contact your local ReStore for more specific information:

  • Please note that this program offers complete kitchens and bathroom cabinetry only. With the exception of bathroom cabinet orders, a minimum of six (6) cabinets are required to place an order.
  • Once you have decided on cabinetry sizes, styles, hardware and finish, the basic layout and measurements will be sent to the WeBuild program where inmates will design/redesign the layout as needed to come up with a final and workable design. The design will be sent to you for your review, along with an estimate.
  • Upon your acceptance of the final design, a 50% deposit will be required in order to begin work. The balance must be paid before your order can be picked up or delivered.


WeBuild cabinets are built to standard specifications:

  • All plywood and hardwood construction; we do not use particle board.
  • All frames are 3/4” hardwood, glued and screwed together with concealed fasteners.
  • Cabinet sides, bottoms, end panels, and shelves are all 1/2” plywood.
  • All cabinets have finished sides so no finished end panels are necessary.
  • Hanging rails and bracing are solid hardwood.
  • Doors are all 3/4” hardwood raised panels.
  • Drawer boxes are all 5/8” hardwood with dovetailed corner joints.

Catalog Numbers

Catalog numbers for cabinets include both letters and numbers. The letter designates the cabinet type (i.e. W = Wall Cabinet, B = Base cabinet, V = Vanity, etc.). The numbers designate length and width. The first (or only) number corresponds to the width (i.e. B24 = 24”). The second number corresponds to the height (i.e. B2430 = 24” wide by 30” tall base cabinet). Any additional information follows the numbers (i.e. “Rollout” or “ADA” or simply “Custom”). Right hand or left hand doors are specified by adding “R” or “L” at the end (i.e. B12 R = 12″ wide base cabinet with the hinges on the right side).

**PLEASE NOTE** WeBuild manufactures cabinetry only. We do not provide countertops or installation.

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Kitchen Layout

Your local ReStore or the WeBuild program director are ready and able to assist you in the process of designing your kitchen. If you would like to provide us with a layout, please keep these specs in mind:

  • Height and width of walls
  • Measure from the corner to the center of where the sink base and stove will be placed.
  • Type of Refrigerator and size; i.e. double door, single door with freezer on top or drawer on bottom.
  • Placement of dishwasher; size.
  • If there is a window (for instance above a sink) measure from corner of the wall to the window edge specifying if the corner is on the right or left.
  • Determine if they want a range hood, over-the stove microwave, or cabinet
  • It is also important to measure where any interior or exterior doors are placed. Measure from the corner of the wall to the closest edge of the door.
  • In the corner, a determination must be made if there will be a lazy-susan or a blind corner cabinet. The door standard for the lazy-susan is a bi-fold style.
  • Any single door cabinet must have handing specified; hinge on right or left side?
Cabinet Layout Grid