Through Habitat homeownership, families have achieved financial security and independence.

John and his wife Amalia purchased their Edwards, Colorado Habitat home in 2010. John attests to the positive impact that owning a Habitat home has had on his family’s economic well-being. He says it never would have been possible for them to buy a home by conventional means in Eagle County, one of Colorado’s most expensive housing markets.

Being selected to purchase a Habitat home with just a small down-payment and interest-free mortgage “was like winning the lottery.” Lower housing costs, coupled with a 33% reduction in utility bills due to Habitat Vail Valley’s LEED Silver construction, left them with additional cash each month. It gave them financial breathing room that enabled a different mindset than they’d had when living paycheck to paycheck “in survival mode,” and allowed them to budget for other things they couldn’t afford before.

They were able to start paying off high interest credit cards and other debt. They opened savings accounts for their four sons, which might one day pay for a first car or college tuition. They’ve been able to enroll their boys in programs like COPA soccer, school sports, and church activities such as youth camps and field trips. They’ve even been able to take vacations, which wasn’t even an option before.

John says, “Having the opportunity of home ownership here in Eagle County has not only given us a comfortable future but has also given our children a fighting chance at an actual career and life they want to choose and not be forced into. Having this home has grown our faith to believe in things we cannot see. I am hopeful for a brighter future for my family and I have God and HFH to thank for that.”