2018 Impact Study

2018 Impact Study 2018-11-27T14:37:28-07:00

There is a housing crisis in Colorado. Research conducted by the Shift Research Lab suggests, that, since the 2008 economic downturn, more families live in Colorado than the housing market can accommodate. Such an increase in demand drives up the price of homes, making them unaffordable for many families (Newcomer & Resnick, 2018). Evidence of this trend is abundant; rents are rising, home prices are increasing, and the consequences are mounting. Habitat for Humanity of Colorado (HFHC) hired Research Evaluation Consulting (REC) to conduct a comprehensive assessment that measured the effect that HFHC and local Habitat for Humanity (HFH) affiliates had on Habitat homeowners, their families, and the state of Colorado. Findings focused on homeowners and their families, respondent demographics, educational outcomes, financial impacts, health and quality of life outcomes, and neighborhood and community impact. The survey also gave homeowners the opportunity to share their stories and provide their feedback. HFH affiliate findings focused on the economic impact of the construction of homes, operating costs, activities related to ReStore, and volunteering. This report highlights the Habitat homeowner experiences of Denise, John and Amelia, Pam, and Daniel as REC presents findings from this study.

This report would not be possible without the generosity of Bryant Colorado, a leading provider of heating and cooling systems. In addition to supporting this research, Bryant Colorado has pledged to donate a new, high efficiency furnace to each new Habitat for Humanity home built in Colorado in the next 12 months, a total value of $200,000, ensuring comfortable homes for more than 100 families in need of decent, affordable housing.

Newcomer, J., & Resnick, P. (2018). Exploring Colorado’s housing affordability challenges in all of their complexity. Shift Research Lab. Available at: https://www.shiftresearchlab.org/HousingUnaffordability.

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