Product Donations

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Habitat Colorado strives to assist affiliates across the state through partnerships that provide donated products for Habitat homes.

Bryant Colorado Partnership

HFHC is thrilled to announce a new and hopefully enduring partnership with Bryant Colorado!  Bryant Colorado will donate a new, high efficiency furnace to EVERY HABITAT FOR HUMANITY HOME built in Colorado in FY2019.  The 912S Multipoise Condensing Gas Furnace is part of the Legacy Line product offering.  Sporting a PSC blower motor and an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of 92.1%, this single-stage gas furnace provides efficient comfort for homeowners. This Legacy Line Gas Furnace also features 4-way multipoise installation flexibility, and is available in eight model sizes. The 912S can be vented for direct vent/two-pipe, ventilated combustion air, or single-pipe applications.

Colorado Roofing Association “Roof Over Your Head” Partnership

In 2015, HFHC partnered with the Colorado Roofing Association in order to provide affiliates across the state with donated roof materials and labor. Since the partnership began, Colorado Roofing Association members have donated labor and materials for 50 Habitat for Humanity homes – more than $300,000 in in-kind value to affiliates!

Submission Checklists and Other Information

Submit completed requests to Tamara Foglio:

Bryant Colorado Product Data
Product Request Checklist
HFHC_Bryant Press Release  June 26, 2018

Requests will be accepted January 2019.